General Questions

Why should I buy from Montoo Wooltex?

At Montoo Wooltex, we manufacture all our products in-house which allows us to have not only a great level of control over the quality of our products but also help us keep our costs low. Our manufacturing process is highly streamlined making optimal use of material, energy and manpower thereby reducing all the waste in the production pipeline. We strongly believe in making efficient use of our resources to attain superior quality products for the lowest possible cost to our buyers. At Montoo Wooltex, we source our raw materials from certified suppliers making sure that all our products are made from genuine fibers, giving you the luxurious feel in styles that would best complement your look. Our designs and patterns are not confined to just plain soild colors or mere dobby designs such as checks and stripes. We offer our products in a variety of rich Ethnic and Western designs and you will never feel short of options and combinations for any dress that you have in mind for any occasion.

We are rigorous in our selection of high-quality pashmina, to bring you scarves, stoles and shawls that you will be pleased with.

You can count on our decades of experience and dedication to quality and service. We understand our products and your needs to the greatest extent and are always there to help you find your right accessory. We make sure that it serves you well and for as long as it should and possibly can.

Our products are a true reflection of today's fashion and we strongly believe in adapting to changing trends in Fashion Industry.

Can I visit your store and make purchase?

Yes. You may visit us at our Office located at the following address or contact us via email or by calling us at our location during business hours.

106 Lawrence Road, 
Amritsar, Punjab 143001, 

Ph: 091-94-17307765

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you wholesale?

Yes, we do wholesale. Please send us an email with your detailed requirements and we will get back with a quote accordingly.

Do you have printed catalogue?

At this time we do not have printed catalogue as we display all our designs and sizes at our website only.

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Product Related Questions


What is Pashmina?

The word Pashmina comes from Pashm, the Persian word for "wool", and refers to the underfur of certain Tibetan animals, particularly goats, commonly used for the making of shawls.

Pashmina is the down of the Capra Hircus goat, which is found at elevations of 14,000 feet and above, where temperatures rarely rise above minus 30 degrees centigrade in winter. Pashmina is the goat's soft underbelly down, which lies under the coarse outer hair. Each goat produces only about 3 ounces or 90 grams of cashmere each year. The Capra Hircus goat is found in the high plateau regions of Kashmir, Nepal and the central plains of Inner Mongolia.

Our pashmina scarves all come from natural fibers, and unlike other retailers who operate in our price range, we do not sell or stock anything that contains artificial material such as viscose, acrylic, or polyester. Artificial pashmina is nothing like the real thing, with less body, poor heat retention, and low durability. Please be sure you avoid these faux pashminas, they're not worth a penny!

What are the different grades of cashmere?

Cashmere is available in several grades, including "Grade-A", "Grade-B" and so on. We offer only the highest quality cashmere products made with "Grade-A" cashmere more precisely called Pashmina. The best grade of cashmere is 14-15.5 microns in diameter and all our products are made with this very fine grade of cashmere.

What difference does the amount of silk and cashmere in a pashmina make?

There are many different ways of spinning and weaving pashminas. The most obvious difference is in the amount of silk and cashmere used. Scarves and stoles made of 100% cashmere are thick and warm but can also be a little too scratchy for comfort. The higher percentage of silk a pashmina has, the more durable it is. 100% silk scarves can feel very different to the touch, depending on how they are woven. Some feel light and flowing, while if it is fluffed silk, it can feel almost painfully soft and cozy.

How many Ply's are your cashmere products?

Ply's are strands of yarn twisted together to make one piece of yarn. Two-ply is thicker than one-ply, and so on. Our stoles are offered in 2 ply and 3ply construction.

Where are your cashmere products made?

All our products are manufactured in India. Our Pashmina is bought from one of the most reliable suppliers in Kashmir, the place of its origin. We ensure the quality and authenticity of the Pashmina we buy on regular basis. Our stoles are handwoven meticulously by highly experienced and trained artisans in Amritsar, the hub of woven textiles in India.

Where can I view the colors offered?

To see our color guide, please click here.

How do I care for my cashmere products?

For information on how to care for cashmere products, please click here.

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Salwar Kameez

What is a Salwar Kameez suit?

Salwar Kameez is ethnic style of clothing traditionally worn by North Indian women.

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Home Decor

What sizes are available for Bedspreads?

Our bedspreads comfortably fit King size with approximate dimensions of 90" X 110". These bedspreads come with matching pairs of cushion covers (16" X 16") and pillow covers (27" X 18").

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Payment Related Questions

I do not have a Paypal account, can I still buy from your online store?

You do not need to have Paypal account to make payment there. You can select an option to make payment quickly using your credit card without opening any account.

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Shipping Related Questions

Do you ship to my country?

All orders are shipped from Amritsar, India and delivered worldwide.

Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost and all other costs related to custom clearance that may include custom duties, taxes, carrier brokerage fees and any other fees levied by your local authorities.   

Can I arrange to pick up my merchandise from your location?

Yes. We totally encourage local pick up if that saves you time and money in shipping. You can choose either of the two ways to complete your purchase:


  • Add your selected items to the shopping bag and select "local Pick Up" at checkout.
  • Proceed to complete the transaction using your credit card securely at Paypal.
  • Once we have received confirmation of your payment, we will contact you and notify you of the available times for pick up.


  • You may also choose to contact us and notify of the items you would like to purchase along with your contact information if you have not already registered at our website.
  • Once we have received your request we will contact you and notify you of the available times for pick up. We only accept cash if you wish to pay during pick up.

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Order Related Questions

Can I place my order on phone?

Yes you may call us at 94-173-07765 to discuss and place your order.

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