t every step of our process leading to a great quality product we work closely and collaboratively with a broad spectrum of suppliers and service providers.

We value strategic relationships with our suppliers, service providers, business partners, investors and all other stakeholders who share with us the responsibility and accountability towards ensuring a very satisfying experience for our consumers.

Supplier Diversity is simply good business and adds value to our shoppers, our products and our company.

We actively solicit minority and women-owned businesses for the various kinds of luxury fibers and services such as dehairing of raw fibers, hand weaving of yarn, dyeing and finishing of yarn or fabric and hand embroidery of wovens. As a result, we can choose among enriched suppliers who are competitive, innovative and focused on providing the best quality base for our final products.

What we consider when establishing new sources and on continuous basis

Sourcing decisions vary on individual business needs, potential competitive advantages and underlying business risks. Key considerations include a supplier's ability to:

  • Adhere strictly to the principles and policies around animal rights, fair wages and enviromental impact
  • Offer adequate capacity and flexibility to satisfy the range of our defined needs without interruption
  • Continuously minimize conformance variability
  • Provide the best value
  • Be a trusted partner to help us produce quality and value products
  • Provide diversity to match more closely to our consumer base
Fiber Sourcing
Yarn Spinning
Weaving / Knitting